Davis and Krakouer return to Collingwood to help drive cultural change

Former players Leon Davis and Andrew Krakouer have made peace with Collingwood following alleged racism that occurred during their careers at the AFL club.

Davis, Krakouer and ex-teammate Héritier Lumumba cut ties with the Magpies in April, when they declared “nothing has changed” following the 2021 Do Better report into allegations of racism.

But Davis and Krakouer have since been involved in a process aimed at driving cultural change at Collingwood, during which they have shared their experiences of racism with representatives from the club’s board.

Davis has now been employed in a full-time role assisting the Magpies in their attempt to build a culturally safe environment, with Krakouer joining on a part-time basis.

“l want to use my experiences of racism to better educate the community and better equip everyone with the knowledge, tools and education around our country’s true history and why we still face the issues we do in today’s society,” Davis said in a club statement.

“We have the oldest living culture in the world and I encourage everyone to take it upon themselves to delve into that and to learn more about it. I’m pleased to be back.”

Collingwood president Jeff Browne said the club is committed to listening and learning from players and staff to ensure past mistakes are not repeated.

“As a club, to go back and reflect on where we got things wrong, and to understand the perspective of the persons who have been impacted, is vitally important,” Browne said.

While Davis and Krakouer are back working with Collingwood, the club is yet to find a resolution to Lumumba’s racism allegations. In May, the 2010 premiership defender said he was walking away from his long-running battle with the Magpies.

The decision came not long after Lumumba released audio of heated conversations he had with former Magpies coach Nathan Buckley in 2014.